I have been watching Youtube since I was very young, and in the past year or two I think I may have became addicted. I feel like most of the info I retain from watching Youtube is useless, or simply wasted time.

Recommended videos

In general, I only subscribe to channels that I find good enough to watch their videos when they upload them. However, Youtube uses a wicked algorithm to post videos that they think you might like to the home page of the app. I would argue that I spend over 70% of my time on Youtube watching videos I didn’t even directly search for. The suggested videos on my feed are always captivating to me, and I need better willpower in order to stop wasyoutube_play1600ting my time watching them. Part of the reason I am writing this post is to put in words my addiction with hopes of getting over it by being aware of it. If whoever is reading finds themselves in a similar situation to mine, i’m sure writing about it won’t cause any harm.

So much content

With Youtube being one of the biggest search engines in the world, they have an immense amount of videos available, regarding nearly every question or subject one can think of. Whenever I need instructions on something, or need a question answered, I will almost always check Youtube before making a Google search. This leads me into my cycle of watching videos that I will probably never think of again, and entirely waste my time on.

To resume

Although their are some channels on Youtube that I really feel are worth while watching, most of the time I do not find the videos I watch on Youtube to be productive, or even worth while. I certainly feel like my time is better spent writing blog posts because I am using my creativity and developing my writing skills. By far, Youtube is the social media platform that I spend most of my time on, and I hope to reduce that time in the future.