About a month ago I found a pack of wildflower seeds that came with a box of Cheerios I had bought. These seeds were promoting the “Bring back the bees” campaign, hosted by Honey Nut Cheerios. I eventually decided to plant these seeds once spring came around, and doing so brought back some excitement in my life.

Previously, the closest thing to a garden I ever had was a small indoor cactus plant that I had brought back from a family trip to the Grand Canyon. The plant (or seeds) never actually ended up growing, and I gave up on the darn thing after two months of trying. Of course my family has a garden in the front of our suburban home, however I never really worked on it, or was very attached to it as my parents did most of the work on it.

I concluded that I wanted to have my own little garden for these seeds, so I tilled some soil in a little one and a half by two foot area in the corner of my backyard. This task was very satisfying to me as I essentiallymarguerite-daisy-beautiful-beauty turned and empty patch of grass into a fertile little haven. After planting the seeds, and securing the borders with some bricks I was proud to see what I had accomplished, my own sort of legacy.

Now when I wake up, and come home from school, I get a small sense of what I felt when I was a little boy on Christmas day, anxious to see what Santa had left behind. This being said, they are only flowers that I am growing, and do not quite compare to a shiny new toy firetruck, but keeping an eye on my plants gives me something to look forward to.

In the end, the whole process took me less than an hour, anyone with a bit of yard space and some seeds can accomplish this rewarding task!