A while back, I remember seeing on my mother’s Lululemon bag a quote that said “Do one tlululemon-baghing that scares you .  This year, I unconsciously began to understand the purpose of this generic quote.

What to do:

Staying positive during work or school hours is key to making the time pass, and maintaining energy throughout the day. To achieve this, challenge yourself to a new task to complete after coming home from work. An example of this could be taking a hike in a new area. By planning this event the night before, or morning of your work day, you are giving yourself something to look forward to.

Some examples of first time things I’ve done  after work are:

  • Baking cookies
  • Making a vlog
  • Planting flowers
  • Taking a new route home

For the sloths:

These activities don’t necessarily have to scare you, however, trying new things during workdays have definitely kept my spirits high during the day. For people who would consider themselves to be particularly lazy, these tasks do not need to be to challenging or time consuming. By keeping your new task rather simple, it insures that you will actually do it, and not put it off and procrastinate.

After all, I would imagine it would be hard to debate the notion that a large part of living a fulfilling life is trying new things.